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Conscious WEALTH cREATION System

Here’s what you need to know.

Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding legal contract, and we suggest downloading a copy for your records.

Group Mastermind Agreement - The Basics

1. You are securing one of the spaces in our Community Mastermind Membership with Conscious Wealth Creators

2. The Price is $3330 upfront for full access, $3000 for the actual package and mastermind access with license to be an affiliate and resell, then $330 for admin fee which will be paid by your sponsor direct to Bryanna Black. You understand that this is an annual plan, you can choose to opt-out at any time when the year is out but know that you lose access and the license to resell this community package when you do so. 

Payment plan option is three monthly payments of $1333, you understand this is not an option to opt out, all payments must be completed until the full balance has been paid. Still a payment of $330 from the first month will be used as an admin fee that also covers the costs for you to have a complete funnel build and copy of our system. 

Price for 1-1 is £7500 for three month 6  months unlimited 30 minute laser sessions, direct access via telegram to message Bryanna direct and privately for support, including bonus longer sessions planned on times suitable to delve deeper into energy creation.

3. The Bonus is you not only get access to our training, support, and mentorship, you also get to be able to share this full package to receive 100% commissions. You receive 100% commissions from the product pack, access to the community and ability to resell, knowing that you must pay $330 admin fee to Bryanna Black to activate your client when the money has reached your account. The link to do this is inside our joint member group.

4. We make it easy to understand what it is like to do business with Conscious Wealth Creators. Please check out the Company Policies and details below before signing this Agreement. Those policies are part of this Agreement even though they are not spelled out in this document.

5. This Agreement is the entire agreement between us. These written documents supersede our prior discussions, emails, online, or voice messages. By signing, you agree that there is no information that you deem materially important that is not incorporated into this Agreement. 


1. Exclusive Facebook Group. You will have access to the exclusive Facebook Group, where you can submit questions, files, videos, marketing pieces, and any other materials for the group to critique. Conscious Wealth Creator Team will participate in the Group through with occasional live streams, question and answer sessions, and other information as the group needs to dictate. You will have annual access to the Group with the option to purchase again yearly.

2. Portal Access. You receive access to the Conscious Wealth Creator Community online portal, which includes written materials and video and audio lessons on business and mind energy topics. You will have annual access to the materials when payments are kept up to date, again with the option to purchase another annual license to use and resell. 

3. Group Calls. You will have access to a weekly group call on Tuesday Mornings 11am UK standard time, where Bryanna will be present to present material and answer questions. If Bryanna can not be present, there will be someone else in the community to do the call or it will be rescheduled to another day shared in the group. There will also be bonus live extra calls every week with community members or guest speakers. Total of three calls a week, at times the presenters will differ. 

4. YOUR LICENSE TO SHARE THIS MEMBERSHIP. You will also have a license to share this group membership and portal of our materials. You can share this and receive 100% commissions on the basis you have made a full annual payment. The price is not to be reduced at all and your membership will be cancelled if you are found to do this. You may add your own bonuses for people if you wish, but must not reduce the amount they pay for this pack. You agree to use the system as part of this membership and community and not to copy this system to use outside of the community without written permission from Bryanna Black. If you are found to do this you must pay Bryanna Black founder of the Conscious Wealth Creators a License fee of £15,000.00
You can charge more for this package as part of your own services, or group.
The payment you receive will have an extra 10% added on which is to be paid to Bryanna Black to activate your client as an admin fee, done through the link in our members group.
You agree to do this with every sale of this package and academy.

If you are found to be sharing the GAIA ACADEMY with others free of charge or at the reduced amount that will be an additional fee to be paid to STEPHANIE STARLA and the GAIA contributors a further £15000 fee for each person it was shared with. 

5. Integrity And Rules Of Membership. We have strong values and integrity of this community, you will not cross-promote or attempt to solicit anyone in the group to join other programs with you. Should you have something you feel would be a great addition to the community you will contact Bryanna and the person that brought you here first with what you want to share. People in this community only join this and other streams of income under the people that brought them to the community. You agree that you will not sell or promote anything to anyone in our community unless agreed with their sponsor.

1. Services. Done-for-you services of any kind are not included, you can request someone in the community to do this for you for an additional fee.
2. Endorsements. You are not receiving an endorsement from Conscious Wealth Creators or Bryanna Black, and neither is any other participant. Do not create the appearance of an endorsement or rely on any person who claims to be endorsed by Conscious Wealth Creators.
3. Ownership of Written Materials. As a participant, you will have one license to view written materials provided by Conscious Wealth Creators ltd. You do not have ownership of this information, which is protected by federal copyright laws. Some of the information is also protected by a contractual license between the provider and Conscious Wealth Creators. You may not copy, re-engineer, distribute, or otherwise provide access to this information to any other person, for free or paid, without express written consent of Conscious Wealth Creators ltd, which it may withhold for any reason, and purchase of a license (prices start at £15,000).
4. Trademark Usage. Conscious Wealth Creators LTD protects its names! You are receiving permission to use trade and service marks for the sole purpose of promoting this package and program.
5. Results Not Guaranteed. You are receiving a space in the program, support and guidance, but not guaranteed results from participating in the program.
6. 1 TO 1 Coaching service is not included with the £2475 level, this is for a group mastermind access only. You are able to upgrade to a 1-1 package at anytime when you are in or unless you have opted for this with which you will receive further emails and contract for this. 
6. Confidentiality. Conscious Wealth Creators and it’s affiliates cannot guarantee confidentiality. Do not share any confidential and proprietary information which may harm your business or personal interests if repeated, copied, or otherwise transmitted and/or implemented by a third party.
Additional Legal Terms

1. There is a NO REFUNDS policy.
By checking the box to agree to the terms and conditions and this Agreement, you acknowledge that no one has represented to you that refunds are available. DUE TO THE DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS AND SENSITIVE INFORMATION INSIDE, Even if you cannot participate for any reason, you will continue to be billed according to the schedule in Section 1 of this Agreement through the end of the Term. Conscious Wealth Creators ltd and its affiliates consider this policy a material inducement to entering into this Agreement, and would not have done so unless this No Refunds policy were included. If you initiate a chargeback, Conscious Wealth Creators LTD may issue an additional $250 fee to you.

2. You are a Business Owner.

You enter this Agreement in your capacity as a business owner, not as an individual consumer. This is true even if you do not have a business entity such as a limited liability company. As a business owner, you may have limited rights under the laws of your state, and may be giving up consumer rights.

3. Disclaimer of Warranties.
Participant understands the Group Program is offered on an “as-is, where-is” basis, without any implied or express warranty as to its performance or to the results that may be obtained by using the program. This limited warranty is the only express warranty made to you and is provided in lieu of any other express warranties (if any) created by any documentation.
4. If we get sued due to something you did:
You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Conscious Wealth Creators LTD, its affiliates, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, lawsuits, costs, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees at all tribunal levels) arising out of or related to any activity, work, or other thing done or permitted to be done by you where such liability arises from negligence on your part or the violation of this Agreement. This includes any liability arising from breach of confidentiality by any party.
5. Damages are limited under this Agreement.
6. No Professional Advice.
The Company does not engage in the rendering of legal, accounting, financial, or other professional services. You acknowledge that you will make your own decisions before acting on any information gained from this program. It is further understood that before you utilize any techniques suggested by this program, you should consult licensed professionals as applicable.

7. No Guarantee of Results; Risk of Loss.
Results from the group program are greatly dependent upon individual decisions, abilities, and other factors outside Company’s control, and the Company makes no guarantees or warranties that information provided to you through the Program will provide results.
8. Conscious Wealth Creators LTD can end your participation in the program.
The company may determine, in its sole discretion and without requiring disclosure of the reason, that the relationship under this Agreement must terminate. This is rare, and only when anyone has been disruptive to the community, or has been sharing this community as a discounted rate.

9. Scottish law governs this Agreement and it will be enforced by either party in Scotland
This Agreement will be governed by Scottish law, without regard to its conflicts of law principles. I understand and agree that I submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of this state and agree that any legal proceeding commenced shall take place in Scotland, United Kingdom.
10. No Assignment; No oral waivers or modifications.
 This Agreement may not be assigned to any other party. Its requirements may not be waived or modified except in writing signed by the Company.
11. Electronic Signatures and Other Documents.
 You agree that when you check the box to agree to this terms and conditions that it is valid and binding evidence of your assent to the terms of this Agreement. You agree to sign additional documents which may be necessary to complete the material purpose of this Agreement, including without limitation, payment authorizations.
12. No relationship.
The parties hereto expressly understand and agree that they are not employers or employees, principals, and agents, or partners or co-venturers in the performance of each and every part of this Agreement, and they remain solely responsible for all of their respective employees and agents.

Please print a copy of this for your own records.

Your state may not allow limits on warranties and damages. If so, these do not apply to you. If so, the remainder of this agreement shall be enforced as if the limited warranties and/or damages clauses are not there. 

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